Conventional non-contact broken tool detection

systems depend on the laser beam being blocked

(tool OK) or not blocked (tool broken).


The TRS2 is different, featuring new improved tool

recognition system with ToolWise™ technology.


The unique tool recognition electronics determine

whether a tool is present by analysing the reflective light pattern from the rotating tool. Random light patterns created by coolant and swarf are ignored, reducing the chance of not detecting a broken tool

due to coolant blocking the beam.

New improved

tool recognition

system with ToolWise™

technology enables

reliable high speed

broken tool detection

Cost effective and reliable


The new TRS2 is a cost effective broken tool

detection system. Its ToolWiseelectronics

have been enhanced to make detection of

small, dark tools more reliable, saving time

and money.


Simple installation and set-up


The device comprises a single unit containing

the laser source and detection electronics.

This means that there is only one small unit to

install. Set-up is also simple and uses Renishaw

software specifically written for the new TRS2.

The unit can be mounted outside the working

envelope of the machine, safe from collision.

This also saves valuable room on the table.


Ultra quick detection


Typically, using the TRS2, the tool spends about

1 second in the laser beam.





Flexible system


The TRS2 can detect a whole range of solid

centre tools including drills, taps, end mills, slot

drills and ball nose end mills, typically detecting

tools with a diameter of 0.2 mm or greater at a

range of 300 mm**. The compact unit can detect

tools between 0.3 m and 2.0 m away, making it

suitable for a wide range of machines, although it

is optimised for use at 1m and below.

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