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The LH Series




- Made of natural dark granite, guaranteeing identical, thermal conditions in all axes


- Y-axis guideway directly integrated in the base plate


- Weight compensation of Z-quill by regulated pneumatic cylinder


- Air bearing guideway elements in all axes for wear-free


- Guideways of X and Y axis covered by bellows


- CNC control of all axes


- Compact design


- Easy maintenance

Uncompromising reliability


The LH Series stands out in its standard version due to an excellent price-performance ratio and flexible applications. This series is characterized by easy handling, high robustness Reliable to the point without compromise the standard solution.



Wide Range of CMM Models


The success of our LH Series is mainly justified by a conclusive business plan and unconditional perfection in detail. The machines may be equipped with a number of probe head and scanner combinations, from fixed to motorized and adjustable probe heads. It truly is, the optimal solution for every measuring

challenge .



The Flagship for High-Speed Scanning


The LH Series stands for fast form check, extreme accuracy, scanning of any 2D and 3D curves and outlines. The precision and spee tuning for our LH series makes  it flexible  measuring system for particularly demanding measuring tasks. Precision High-Speed scanning has a name: The LH Series.


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